Convenient Ways to Buy FC Barcelona Tickets

If you have long been following the major football league, you probably know by now that it would be close to impossible to secure FC Barcelona tickets and watch the team play live. There are various ways on how you can purchase the ticket, but since the demand remains too high, the chances of watching them live is too slim. Here is some information that you will need in order to successfully attend a match in the largest football stadium in the entire Europe.

Buying FC Barcelona Tickets at the Official Site

One of the most convenient and recommended ways to buy ticket would be through the official online portal of FC Barcelona. They have an easy and functional interface, and the navigations system is simple, making the buying process very convenient. In addition, you can also choose your preferred seat which will help you choose the best view when watching the game live. You can have as much as 6 FC Barcelona tickets. They accept different forms of payment such as credit card. After that, you only need to print your ticket and present it upon entering on the stadium.

Most of the seats will remain available weeks before the official date of the match. In case you cannot find available tickets within the day, make sure to keep posted every day since the availability of the ticket can vary.

Purchasing Tickets at Fanshops

The official fanshops of the football club is also a great place to buy FC Barcelona tickets. These shops are located conveniently throughout the entire city. For those who are traveling, you can find it at the El Prat Airport particularly on terminal 1 and 2. It is also located in railway station. The city center also has some fanshops on the Sagrada familia, Placa Catalunya and Gothic Quarter which is very convenient for those who want to travel around the city. You can also buy ticket at the shopping districts like Las Arenas and Maremagnum.
Secondary Ticket Sellers

For those who failed to buy tickets at the official site, do not lose hope since you still have the option to secure FC Barcelona tickets at secondary ticket sellers. However, we advise you to tread carefully since a lot of illegitimate secondary ticket sellers are posing as authorized sellers. The cost of the ticket will be considerably higher. You will be receiving a confirmation e-mail upon completing the whole process, and you should receive your ticket 2 days before the match. Your ticket will be delivered to your mailing address or to your hotel address.

Finally, you can also purchase your FC Barcelona tickets at Camp Nou. The offices will remain open during match days except during the major football events. You may also buy ticket during days that have no match.

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