2017 Ajax FC schedule

That are reading this is an excellent sign that you take football as seriously as, we always believe that it is good to do a job or financial planning, but it is also good to do a recreational plan where we can include family or friends: the best way to do it is to buy the Ajax tickets with anticipation and wait relaxed the big time go to the stadium to shout by a large force goal!

Most important agenda 2017 of the Ajax FC matches include:

AJAX FC VS FC Copenhagen

This meeting will be on Thursday, March 09 at 18:00, although Ajax FC goes from second place in the most important competition of the Netherlands, namely in the Eredivisie team can not commit themselves against Copenhagen, believing that if he does not win then you can climb to the top of the table, on the contrary, to do so has to exert all their strength and concentration to reach the victory of such an important event.


If everything goes as expected the next meeting will be on Sunday, March 12 to 15:45, the clash will be against FC Twente a team that has shown a continuous growth since it became the year 2000, all are struggling to be on the top, so no team will give its arm to twist a minute, Ajax FC is quite pressing, and to us we have to buy the Ajax tickets online.

AJAX FC VS Excelsior

Before the match with the team, Excelsior Ajax FC will have another meeting with Copenhagen and then at 13:30 on March 19 if you play with Excelsior. We all know that the goal is thrashing, thrashing and thrashing as many times as you can, no leave or a minimum space to lower the guard rather be alert until at the end, something like what happened in the sequencing of the 1970s.

AJAX FC VS Feyenoord

This will be a party fascinating, by them moments Feyenoord has the position number one in the table of Eredivisie but if the Ajax FC wins all them parties earlier that mentioned, those ninety minutes of game that is will give the Sunday 2 of April to them 13:30 will be a tension and emotion historical, as fans, not us will lose this by nothing of the world and for that there is that remember to buy them Ajax tickets via online it more soon possible.

Coming soon

In addition to the four parties that mentioned in them lines earlier, is come six parties more approximately planned for the month of April and mayo, are individuals crucial to the Ajax FC and the only task we have is to buy the Ajax tickets online to enjoy at least a few five matches. Real fans will try to be present in all games but if there is a problem then only we will be in the past.