Winners of the finals of the UEFA Champions League tickets

The UEFA Champions League has been considered the most famous Club Tournament in Europe, in total have been 22 teams who have managed to win this prestigious tournament, being Real Madrid who has most won 11 UEFA Champions League titles in his case, followed by AC Milan with 7 and the Bayern Múnich, FC Barcelona and Liverpool with 5 titles on the web online UEFA can view and check all the winners of the Champions League, go Website
If we talk about the last 4 champions league winners Real Madrid winning the 2015 Edition found / 2016 and as reigning champion, then this eternal rival FC Barcelona as the winner of the 2014 / 2015, continue with Real Madrid as a champion of the 2013 / 2014, and finally have to Bayern Múnich as champion of the Champions League 2012 / 2013 , Visit their official website: Real MadridBarcelonaBayern Múnich.
Last winner of the champions league, (2015 / 2016):
As reigning champion of the Champions League is Real Madrid, who would win the big-eared after again winning the final at Madrid Atletico Madrid rival, just as it did in 2014. This last match would be enveloped by the curiosity of what happened at the last end of 2014, let fans buy their tickets online, the number of tickets sold would be 71.942.
FC Barcelona is claimed, (2014 / 2015):
FC Barcelona won its fifth Champions League and achieved his second hat-trick in its history, the “Blaugrana” would seek to rebound after its drought from 2011, and from the hand of Luis Enrique Barça gambled on buying players like Luis Suarez and Iván Rakitic for this new season 2015 and that eventually would be essential pieces to get the title of champions league.
Real Madrid wins the tenth (2013 / 2014):
Real Madrid achieved its long-awaited tenth Champions League after a long drought, the main figure of the merengues would be Sergio Ramos, who would be the Savior of the final, tying the match at minute 93′ of the party. This latest play in Lisbon and would finish 4-1 for the Madrid, Ramos not only trademark at the end, but it would also be the executioner of the Bayern Múnich, scoring two goals in the semifinal.
Bayern Múnich returns to stardom (2012 / 2013):
Jupp Heynckess hand Bayern Múnich would win a UEFA Champions League since 2001, the final of this tournament would be Bayern Múnich vs. Borussia Dortmund, eternal rivals Germany, this match would play at Wembley, and it would have a high level of attending fans, such party would have figured more senior tickets purchased so far, with an 81.298 tickets approximately, the chief pioneer in the sale of tickets online would be: