Incredible numbers of the front Lewandowski FC Bayern Munich

FC Bayern Munich, is nowadays one of the best teams that have the Bundesliga or League of Germany, is also a club with greater recognition in Europe and the world. Analysts in the area currently consider Bayern Múnich as the most lethal and powerful concerning attack team is concerned, with large support from fans via online ticket purchases
In addition to being directed by the talented coach Carlos Ancelotti, Bayern Múnich certainly has a quarry of star players with world-class, this allows the team have an advantage in every disputed match Bayern Múnich has the lethality of its front.
For all the fans is not a surprise or something new that the Bayern Múnich has had throughout its history many strikers who have been magnificent and have shown much courage, determination, and skill in each party.
Football development of Robert Lewandowski
Robert Lewandowski, born in Poland in August 1988, is a footballer who plays as a forward and is currently in F.C. Bayern Múnich, is considered to be one of the best strikers in the world.
Signed by Borussia Dortmund, the club that won several titles in a way consecutive later before the team signed the 2014-15 season believed in the Bundesliga rival, Bayern Múnich.
The team which won the Bundesliga in his first season in the 2014-15 season is a very complete and of an exceptional level, the player in addition to being the best forward in the world has a great experience and an impressive number of goals.
Games played and numbers with the Bayern Múnich
Robert Lewandowski current front of the Bayern Múnichsince his debut with the Bavarian team home with a good foot opening the scoring with a first and only goal, where at the end they were defeated in that the major league soccer all-star game.
Lewandowski in their next matches with Bayern Múnich had enough participation throughout the season, facing off against Wolfsburg, Schalke 04, this being the second match, he also had his first showdown to rival the Dortmund.
The development and constant progress of Lewandowski were remarkable for the Bayern Múnichclub, so much that in many of the Games disputed Lewandowski scored several goals, which managed to win many matches for the Bayern Múnich.
Until the season current Lewandowski has been a significant contribution to Bayern Múnich, where has experienced constant growth and team in each match has been not only exceeded by many that you have set if not for his great talent as a player.
In this last season began with a much ACTH tells-trick in the victory against Carl Zeiss Jena, where won 5-0, also made three goals in the Bundesliga in its inaugural match against Werder Bremen to Bayern 6 – 0 win.
The Polish player no doubt in this last season with Bayern Múnich had a high participation, is the top scorer of the campaign with 42 goals in 44 Games an exceptional result, Lewandowski also scored two goals in the final against Wolfsburg and got your 5th title.
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