Possible Real Madrid departures for this summer


Real Madrid has culminated an excellent season and now is preparing to sign this summer and reinforce, even more, its merengue squad. Fans who are always ready to buy the tickets online for the new season are waiting for the departures that will be in the club.

Gareth Bale: Everyone wants Mbappe on their staff and Zidane is no exception. It has been said that if ZiZou managed to convince Mbappe to play for Real Madrid, he should probably leave Bale, but Zinedine also wants to contain Bale for at least one more season.

Bale feels complete with the merengue club but there are rumors about the desire of Manchester United and Paris Saint Germain to sign him this summer. As for this, the Welshman has said that in such a case he would like to play for the Premier.

James Rodriguez: This is one of the most real outputs. It is no secret that the Colombian has been a little behind for Zinedine Zidane and although the club achieved its goals this season, it was not so for James personally.

It seems that James is very excited to play with Manchester United, but the price of Real Madrid to let him go would be around 70 million euros, a figure that seems exorbitant for Manchester. They are expected to reach an agreement.

Matthew Kovacic: Although there has not been much talk about his departure, nor the Croatian player has stated that he wants to leave, it is said that Barcelona have him in sight and could offer a good agreement for this midfielder.

Marco Asensio: he could leave Madrid as he hopes to have more prominence on the field to raise his career, something a bit difficult with Real Madrid who has so many stars and hopes to sign new great players. Both Juventus and Arsenal could be options for the player.

Pepe: The footballer’s contract ends this summer and apparently decided to leave for PSG. It even seems that he invited Cristiano Ronaldo to join him.

Morata: Álvaro Morata could be exchanged for the young Milan goalkeeper, the Italian Gianluigi Donnarumma. Gianluigi promises to be a great goalkeeper, perhaps the best of his times and would be a great advantage for Madrid if he managed to sign it this summer.

The departure of Cristiano has been rumored: These rumors are due to the fiscal situation in which he was involved and also by statements of Florentino Perez, as by the expiration of his contract; even so, it seems even funny that Zidane, who considers CR7 to be one of the best players of all time, let him go. This does not seem possible, but with Cristiano nothing is certain.

If Cristiano leaves Real Madrid, Alexis Sanchez is among the options to replace him.

Real Madrid represents football history, so every game that is disputed is a memorable memory for your fans who always devoutly buy online tickets to support their galactics players.

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