Pogba’s great recovery at the end of Manchester United season.


Although Manchester United did not have a good season in the Premier League, managed to win the Europe League and can play Champions for the new season, so their fans are very much in the mood to buy tickets online and support their team.

A player capable of great and terrible feats.

French footballer Paul Pogba, who spent four seasons with Juventus, returned last year to Manchester United as a big star and at a high price. His price, greater than that of Cristiano Ronaldo has been the reason for a diversity of diatribes. However, this has not been his best season. Not only in general for the club, but also for the staff.

Pogba is characterized by being a complete player, who rather than score goals, balances the game and assists his teammates to achieve good results. On the other hand, he also tends to be unbalanced and ‘disastrous’ in certain moves.

He has been somewhat disoriented in aerial game situations. It can be a football phenomenon, both positively and negatively. In the middle of the season did not have good statistics and had been criticized for not getting the maximum potential that was expected of a player of this caliber.


After suffering an injury in the match against Rostov in March, missed the end of the season. The player had to retire of the field to the 47 ‘due to a muscular contusion suffered in the thigh after generating a shot. By this date he was ordered to be in recovery for three weeks.

The Manchester derby was lost for Day 34 of the Premier League. Also the friendly match of his selection against Spain and against Luxembourg.


After being in his recovery days and not being able to attend the matches of both his national team and English club, Pogba appeared dancing on social networks, making his fans and followers uncomfortable, because he did not understand how this was possible if he was delicate of health.

There were also comments on the economic issue; it was said that the player had to be careful to be able to return soon to the field and justify the 120 million euros they paid for him to Juventus.

Already for May, the midfielder returned to the field to face Ajax by the end of the Europe League in Stockholm. During his recovery it was expected that the young Frenchman could rest, because exhaustion and accumulated fatigue were also responsible for the injury suffered.

Manchester United always gives a lot to talk about. Its fans, one of the biggest in the world, and those who are more willing to buy tickets online to support them in their encounters, is also the hardest and closed in opinions about their players. Pogba was not exempt.

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