Young English striker is the promise for Manchester United’s future.



Manchester United is working out so hard for the next season and now Marcus Rashford promises much as a striker on the team, who was included in the team last year. Thousands of fans of this team are very attentive to news and what is happening this summer. Many attend games when tickets online.

History of Marcus Rashford

The 19-years-old player is a great English player. He is promise for the Manchester United. His beginnings in this team were in the year 2016, where he began to play as a professional in English soccer. He also plays for the England national team playing as striker.

It has scored 10 goals approximately since he started to play with Manchester United. He does an impeccable job in the field that is why it is said recently he is the future of this English team, which has much more to give in the next season. Many spectators witnessed the performance of this player by being present at games when buy tickets online.

Even a young age player, he has have Good performances

Despite being young the English player is excellent on the field. He has a great future in Manchester United or any team that decides to sign him in the future. Meanwhile, the English team continues to prepare the next season trying to achieve his goals by winning the UEFA Champions League and other leagues. He should work hard on the training of players.

Many fans around the world are attentive to developments in Manchester United. Many of them always attend games when they buy tickets online to support their favorite team. When a new season begins each year, thousands of people who awaiting the games and the step always are full of people screaming exited for every goal and every good game witnessed.

Contract of Marcus with Manchester United

Marcus wide his contract last year with the English team Manchester United until year 2020 where he will play as a striker. He is a promise a lot for the team in this new stage. Also, José Mourinho has many projects that are expected to make true for team while is appointed the coach.

During the year that Marcus Rashford has been on the team, he has done his job really well so they extended his contract. The young player has a lot of talent in the field and since he was a child has shown he can achieve many great things in his career as a soccer player. The players are resting to prepare for the season coming.

For now, there is no plan for Marcus Rashford to go from Manchester United; he will remain in the team giving joy to his fans and the team. That fans who always attend matches when buy  tickets online.

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