Juventus offers 40 million to Bayern Munich for Douglas Costa


Bayern Munich has received an offer recently for the Juventus player Brazilian Douglas Costa. The team has many fans that always attend matches after buy their tickets online.

Offer for Douglas Costa

After finished the season, Juventus has offered 40 million euros for Douglas Costa. This is a brand new so it is unknown if the player will be transfer or not and in case he goes to Juventus, it will pay in two years the offer. Douglas is one of the best players Bayern Munich has had.

Douglas Costa arrived in Bayern Munich in the year 2015, and since that moment his work with the team has been impeccable and has been present in many victories and has helped to promote many of them. The Bayern Munich fans have been supporting many times this player after buy tickets online because they are always enjoying games so they know what happens in field.

The figure of this signing was 30 million euros when played with the Shakhtar Donetsk in 2014, after its entry to the Bayern Munich could show their talent in the field. Also, he has played many matches with the selection of Brazil.

Is he leaving or not?

Is the Brazilian player leaving or not the team after the offer by Juventus to the Bayern Munich to transfer him for 40 million euros? We must wait for the player decision with the team where he participates to know if he is leaving or not. According to the rumors in the European press, it is so probable the player leave his actual team.

In case he goes to Juventus, he must be so good in field because new season is coming soon. The team was a finalist in the UEFA Champions league by his effort and his good style playing and it has maintained many years reaching achieving many good things.

Great striker of Bayern Munich

One of the best currently players of Bayern Munich is the Brazilian Douglas Costa, and in case of being assigned, the team will need to start looking for another player of the same quality to replace him. His first goal since he plays in the team was scored in August of his first year there. The team won that match 5 – 0 against Hamburg.

In addition, by their participations in different tournaments in all these years he has acquired much experience in his career as a player and although he just is 26 years old, he already has played many games professionally and there is many games waiting for him in the future.

Many fans have attended matches for Bayern Munich and they have filled their Stadium after buy tickets online. Players such as Douglas Costa have given raise the team with through years. Fans are eager for new season to see play their favorite teams and see new signings.

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