Real Madrid rejected Liverpool’s millionaire offer by Marco Asensio


The most important clubs of Europe are behind the one of the player’s promise of Real Madrid. According to the Spanish press, Liverpool of England inquired of the Spanish club by Marco Asensio, and even made its first offer of 50 million euros to be able to sign it in the summer market and the answer that obtained was forceful.

Given the inevitable offer made by Liverpool to Asensio, Real Madrid made the decision “not to sell it for all the gold in the world.” In addition, it is even said that the Spanish international does not plan to leave the team Zinedine Zidane, indeed, wants to fight for a place in the starting lineup.

Another point that stands out in favor of Marco Asensio, is the confidence that his coach has in him, in fact, the Spanish player of 21 years is Zidane’s total priority. Being a young promise that is even for striker James Rodriguez, Who is very likely to leave the club and Isco Alarcón himself, so it would be easier to stay in Real Madrid.

In Spain, they see Marco Asensio as the great future of Real Madrid and claim that he is the new Andres Iniesta of Real Madrid for the next ten years so that his future sale will be null and his future in the team is 100% the great conditions it presents.

Marco Asensio

Marco Asensio Willemsen, born in Palma Mallorca, Spain on January 21st, 1996, is a Spanish soccer player who plays in the position of midfielder in Real Madrid in the First Division of Spain.

He is considered one of the young Spanish with great influence, being selected by Football Draft as one of the 22 best canteranos players of Spain in 2015, and as one of the eleven best in 2016. He is an international player only with the selection with which he harmonizes in the sub-21 category. He previously managed to conquer the European under 19 in 2015 against Greece and in which he named as the best player, and the European under 21 of 2017 Poland where he finished as Bota Del Plata of the tournament.

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