A review of the best matches of Bayern in Bundesliga


While here we leave a brief summary of Bayern Munich’s most memorable matches in the Bundesliga, get ready to buy the tickets online for the new season 2017/18.

The arrival of Gerd Müller in 1964 and the promotion party

After very dark times for the team and after a downturn to the second division (in 1933) in the beginning of the club, the arrival of Müller to the club made that Bayern returned to the first German division.

Müller scored 32 goals in just 26 matches. A match for history was when Tennis Borussia Berlin Bayern won 8-0 and thus achieved the longed for promotion.

1968/69 season

That season Bayern culminated with 46 points in the qualifying table and Müller was their maximum gunner. It was his first Bundesliga title.

Before the Borussia Dortmund

Bayern Munich against Borussia Dortmund is a German derby; one of the best encounters between the two in the Bundesliga was when Pep Guardiola was on the bench Bavarian and Mario Gotze entered the game.

In the 20123/14 season Dortmund gave the fight and Bayern did not have it easy.

Although they were at zero, the game was very difficult and Gotze entered to save Bayern. The match finished 3-0 with annotations of the same Gotze, Robben and Muller.

The victory next to Pepe Guardiola in the season 2013/14

On April 6 the team faced Eintracht Frankfurt to become Bundesliga champions by a clear difference of goals; it is worth noting that Bayern still had six more games to play.

All the fans hoped to see how their team was crowned champion even missing matches and it was, because it won by the slightest difference.

Against Wolfsburg in the 2015/16 season

Just starting the season, Bayern lost 1-0 in the first 45 ‘, but Lewandowski entered the field in 51’ and managed to score 5 goals in a record time: only 9 ‘.

Five years unbeaten

For the past 5 years no one has been able to snatch the Bundesliga title; this year wins by beating Wolfsburg by an incredible score of 6-0, still missing 3 games to play and with the direction of Carlo Ancelotti.

The protagonists were Alaba, Robben, Müller and Kimmich, plus a double of Robert Lewandowski.

Until now, the season in which the club accumulated more score was in 2012/13 (when also it gained the Champions); added 91 points in the Bundesliga.

The season where they scored the most goals was in 1971/72, with 101 goals in favor and Müller remains his top scorer with 477 goals in all competitions at Bayern.

For this new season it would not be surprising that the club won its sixth consecutive title, but it would be surprising if they returned to win a Champions League. Do not wait any longer and buy tickets online to support Bayern Munich this season.







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