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Buy tickets online for every game of Tottenham was the joy of thousands of fans as the Spurs club ended the season as sub champion of the Premier League.

November Party at White Hart Lane

At the beginning of the 2016-17 season, these two clubs played in the Premier League on 19 November at White Hart Lane, Tottenham Hotspur’s former sporting venue.

In the 24 ‘the West Ham football player, Michail Antonio, opens the merchant for the whole hammers after a header assisted by W. Reid.

Now the score is 1-0 in favor of West Ham at Hart Lane and culminates the first half of this match.

In 51, after a shot from Harry Winks, Tottenham get the equalizer in their territory and prepares to fight for the match.

West Ham used a penalty that Manuel Lanzini charged in 58 ‘and led almost the entire second half with 2-1.

When 89 ‘, when everything seems more than defined, and when this meeting was over, appears the great forward Harry Kane with both the tie. Now, the 90 ‘came and the score was 2-2.

In the minutes added by the referee, again Kane would bring the hope of the spurs, after a penalty, in 91 ‘gave the expected turn and his team now won 3-2. Thus ended this great game.

Party of May 5, 2017

After the hard-fought victory for Tottenham in November, the hammers were determined to bite the party to PocheTino’s team that was looking to lead the English table and who by that time steadily steeled Chelsea.

However, the Spurs were a little distracted and out of focus during the game. Tottenham’s defense was affected almost the entire first half.

Adrian, from West Ham, had a great turnout and had to suffer some forwards. Alderweireld’s flaws and the poor dexterity displayed by Eriksen and Harry Kane finished defining Tottenham’s defeat at Olympique Stadium.

In the 65 ‘West Ham took advantage of the discouragement shown by Tottenham and scored the goal of the victory thanks to Lanzini.

With this result, Tottenham put Chelsea closer to winning the title this year, and in fact would be the following week, as the Blues took advantage and won the English league still subtracting games to play.

Losing these 3 points meant Tottenham’s decision and left them second in the standings of the season.

Surely, this new season that is approaching will be very controversial, because Pochetino will want to recover and ensure his leadership in the table of the Premier from the beginning. Tottenham fans have been very excited and committed to the purchase of tickets online.

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