Tottenham plan to sign Manchester United defender


A United defense could belong to the Spurs squad

Although the signing market is almost complete and changes in Tottenham as new signings are very difficult, Pochetino could sign a defender of Manchester United. Still almost ready, the clubs only expect to start the previous training and that their fan is prone to the purchase of tickets online.

What will Mauricio Pochetino’s plans be?

Transfers go, signings come, but of Pochetino you do not hear much. So far, you only have information on the departures of some players, but not the new signings that will enter.

Yes, Tottenham has a compact squad and an enviable defense that would not want to be altered by anyone right now.

On the other hand, the departure of defender Kyle Walker to Manchester City, for 51 million euros, makes that Pochetino is forced to look for a new defense.

Walker, Alderweireld and Jan Vartoghen made a great defensive team this season, so Pochetino must be very careful in his selection not to weaken the style of play of these footballers who are among the best defenders in Europe.

Manchester United defender

Rumors about Mauricio’s interest in Christopher Smalling are not surprising; he needs a new defender and United have signed Victor Lindelöf, so Mourinho must be in some trouble as to the ownership of their headquarters.

From this, the possibility that Tottenham gets Smalling services for this season.

The interest of the spurs DT is that he has apparently had these months to probe and study the style of game Smalling and is more than convinced that the player would make a great team with Vertonghen and Alderlweireld.

The plays

Tottenham have had good revenue from the sale of Walker and Bentaleb (19M) and still no expense, so they could get a deal with Manchester United for Smalling in exchange for Eric Dier or perhaps decide to pay for the player.

United have been trying to get a good deal for Dyer, but Tottenham have valued him at 57 M; a very juicy figure that could be pressure strategy to get your desired defense.

Chris Smalling’s signing could be Tottenham’s final move ahead of next season and as a strategy to strengthen his defense in the Champions League.

Smalling has a contract until 2019 with United and reached the group of ‘red devils’ from Fulham, for a transfer of 8 million euros.

Wenger also wants Arsenal to become the ‘red devil’ but still United has not spoken clearly about the player’s cost and if he has going to let it go.

Tottenham continues to prepare its strategy for the Premier and fans are anxious to start the season. Do not wait for the last moment to buy tickets online.


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