Tottenham look for a midfielder


Although the transfer season is almost over and Tottenham seem to have the empty shopping cart, Pochettino is expected to want to sign a new midfielder. Soon the dates of the Premier will start and each one must have complete its template, as the fanatics must ready to buy tickets online and not to remain outside.

A new midfielder

Apparently, Mauricio Pochettino must sign a midfielder because he wants to get rid of Moussa Sissoko, who would have paid 35 million last season to move him from Newcastle, and who has not rendered as expected.

The problem is Sissoko has not had relevant offers for his signing and therefore Tottenham would have to compensate him and get him a good offer. Rumors about the interest of Olympique de Marseille in the footballer have arrived, but there is no confirmation.

Another that has been sold to Schalke 04, for 19 million, was Nabil Bentaleb, also a midfielder. The possibility that Eric Dier is also leaving the team is very large (apparently Bayern Munich wants to hire him) and, with him, and would be three leaflets that Pochettino would lose a season.

The candidates

It is not easy to get good flyers and more when you have had great results like the one that got Tottenham this year. The coach must be very detailed to get the ideal man, who can adapt to their strategies and style of playing the club.

On the other hand, there are annoyances about the decisions that the technician has taken in the signing because there is almost no time left and still does not specify any new purchase.

Who are the candidates under the eyes of Mauritius?

Matthew Kovacic

Real Madrid midfielder; Tottenham supposedly offered 25 million for midfielder Merengue, but the Madrid club paid 30M for Kovacic’s services to Inter Milan.

Spurs should increase the number if they really want to sign it.

Riyad Mahrez

The Algerian who plays for Leicester, who has received great praise for his outstanding participation this season. Mahrez would cost Tottenham no less than 50 million euros.

Ross Barkley

Young player of 23 years of Everton also sounds among the possible signings of the Spurs.

Max Meyer

This offensive midfielder as young as 21 could go on to the Tottenham squad if the English club pays about 20 million to Schalke 04, the team they currently belong to.

Pochettino must hurry; has to strengthen his midfield as soon as possible and take care of Dele Alli, who could be of great interest to Barcelona. It is said that the Catalan club could negotiate, with the money won by the sale of Neymar Jr., the purchase of the young Alli.

Once again, we have to wait until the last minute to know who will be the midfielder chosen for the military in the Tottenham Hotspur squad. Do not stop buying your tickets online, take advantage of the summer, do not leave it for later.

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