Monaco: the revelation of Europe around Madrid


Monaco has surprised everyone this season. The French team is solidifying an impressive season, being leaders in Ligue 1 to three points above the PSG and, what sets it apart from its Parisian neighbors, is that they are still on the warpath in the quarterfinals of the Champions League League, after leaving the City of Guardiola, which will face Borussia Dortmund.

Nevertheless, the great progress of the Gardeners is simply by chance. Behind these great achievements is Ryboolovlev’s mega project, which consisted of discounting gold disenfranchised stars to open the way for the young pearls that have taken control of the team, along with famous veterans like Ragg, Joao Moutinho or Falcao, Have managed to take Monaco to the top.

This has caught the attention of the largest teams in Europe, among which is Real Madrid. The team of Florentino Pérez maintains a very good relationship with Monaco and has already shown interest in some of his pieces. Madrid has much experience in advance has begun to show interest in some of these young prodigies.

Kylian Mbappé

The name has been most pronounced these last weeks. Every club in Europe wants to sign it. He plays in the forward position and has a style of play similar to that of Henry, with which they compare him despite having nothing more than 18 years. He has an incredible march and determination in the one on one, which is his letter of introduction. He has entered through the great door of the elite football. The Madrid and Zidane want it is their ranks in any way; But to achieve his wishes he will have to face Manchester United.

Bernardo Silva

Only three games with the Benefica could participate, before being signed by the Monaco. After arriving, Bernando Silva, three years ago, was given control and did not disappoint. Remember Di Maria in different ways. He is a teacher with the ball; Dribbles and passes that are hard to believe; Not to mention that he shoots at the door without doubting it. There are many clubs that are interested in him, however, it seems that Bayern has managed to take advantage, offering an amount close to 80 million euros.

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