Mohamed Salah near leaving AS Roma and signing for an English team


The Egyptian player Mohamed Salah is close to leaving the AS Roma for an offer made by Liverpool a great team that in recent years has been one of the highest grossing since there are thousands of fans who attend when buying their tickets online.

Beginning of Mohamed Salah at AS Roma

His start at AS Roma was in 2015, where he quickly became a starter, his speed on the pitch is impressive and he has scored many goals during his professional career, for being such a good player Liverpool has offered many millions for his session, However, AS Roma have not accepted the English team’s proposal so easily.

Liverpool has offered 42 million euros for the Egyptian player, his speed on the pitch makes it necessary for the new projects raised by the English team. He has received the title of top scorer of the Italian team.

Millions of people worldwide are football fans, and thousands have the opportunity to attend matches by buying tickets online. The fan base of the AS Roma is quite wide and it crosses many parts of the world, from the Italians to South American homes that are fans of this equipment.

Will the Egyptian AS Roma?

The AS Roma have no intention of letting the English team go to Egypt, as it is a pretty good piece and for them is worth a lot, rumors say that if Liverpool raises the offer may be possible the transfer.

Although there are rumors that say that Mohamed Salah already has everything ready with Liverpool. Thousands of fans of AS Roma do not want the player to leave the team, as many have seen him play when buying his tickets online and have witnessed the player’s development in the field.

AS Roma agreement with Liverpool

If the agreement comes to an end, there is talk of about 42 million euros, as the AS Roma will not let the Egyptian go for less than that, the player is very skilled in the field and plays as an extreme, thousands of fans going to Seeing AS Roma play when they buy their tickets online have witnessed the good performance of the player and therefore the insistence of Liverpool in wanting to sign him.

However, AS Roma do not want to lose such a good player because their plans are to advance in European football, and the skilled Egyptian player is a key piece for the team. But Liverpool’s proposals are pretty good.

Many fans of AS Roma attend their matches when buying their tickets online and are very aware of what happens, to know who will leave and who will be the new chips of the team after the departure of this player. Attend also and live the excitement of football from the stadium where your players and your favorite team are. Look this website click here



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