The final of the Champions League 2016/2017


The 2016/2017 Champions League final took place on Saturday, June 3, as reported in FIFA, and the stadium that received them the long awaited game was Millennium Cardiff. One of the two finalists was Juventus of Turin and Real Madrid who managed to leave behind Monaco and Atletico Madrid in the semifinals.

Thus, in Cardiff was repeated the final of the Champions League of 1998 in which Real Madrid triumphed over Juventus de Zidane with an annotation of Pedrag “Peđa” Mijatović, in an illegal position. It was the final number seven for Real Madrid.

Some curiosities of the stage of the end

The first game that received the stadium was in June of 1999, and the teams that faced were those of the selection of rugby of Wales and South Africa. The football team participated on 29 March 2000 against Finland (1-2). The first entry was by Jari Litmannen, then a player of FC Barcelona.

The Millennium Stadium received the final of the FA Cup between 2001 and 2006 when Wembley was remodeled. It was the only time the final of the English tournament, which began in 1871, which took place outside of England.

Barça already played in 2004

FC Barcelona, ​​who were disqualified by Juventus in the quarter-finals, played in an opportunity at this stadium. That game was on Saturday, August 14, 2002, to play a friendly match (Cardiff Capital Challenge) against Parma. The club, under the command of Frank Rijkaard at the time, won 1-0 thanks to Iniesta’s scoring in the 77th minute following Larsson’s attendance.

Tickets for the Champions League

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This competition began in the mid-fifties and since then the Champions League has made history with major clubs such as FC Barcelona, ​​or Real Madrid, the current champion of the cup, which is the team that most times it has been observed on the podium. With twelve titles, Real Madrid is at the top of the list of champions. Buy your tickets online and enjoy this great experience with millions of fans.

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