Bayern Munich try to retain Chilean Arturo Vidal


There are times when a club wants a player to spend more time on their team, the reason? More than obvious: a lot of talent or great career. This time we will talk about some reasons why Bayern Munich do not want to let this center-runner go, and although there have been many great players for this German club, what really matters is now. Bayern Munich is in a resurgence stage, where they want to take advantage of every opportunity this season to get the best titles and we love them as fans.

Few teams, great facts

Arturo Vidal began his soccer history in his country and now he travels the world, he was never of those type players who have been working for 5 or more teams but on the contrary, it was enough to make a presence in only 3 teams (Colo Colo, Bayer Leverkusen, and now Bayern Munich). Let’s say that in the case of Arturo Vidal there is 90% talent and 10% hard work in these three teams to be what it is today, that is the first reason that Bayern will try to retain it.

Right passes

Statistics and studies in football reveal midfielders are the main players on which falls the responsibility of making correct passes that finish as far as possible in goal. Many think that the defenses are the ones that do everything, but on the contrary, if it were for the midfielders the forwards or any other player could not execute the goal. In the case of Arturo, he is qualified to make correct passes and better yet to make the goal.

Ball recovery

In this area, Arturo Vidal is not so good but he knows how to handle the situation as a team, we do not say that he will never recover the ball, he does, but it is not his forte. Although Arturo is not a crack in the recovery of the ball, he can be compensated saying that he has an enviable energy since from the whistle sounds until the second half ends is one of the few in the world that maintains the same rhythm and the same attitude, although to liters, that helps others to show off in the recovery of the ball.


We have all seen one of those excellent finals that Arturo Vidal does and will continue to do, a feature that adds to the reasons why Bayern Munich want to retain this player, there are several teams that request their presence elsewhere and for very good offers only Bayern Munich has been astute about this situation and it seems that Vidal also does not oppose much.

For this and much more the German club will continue to fight for the presence of this Chilean player in the club, and we will be ready to buy tickets online and attend the stadiums to enjoy.

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