The history of Everton FC


Football has been very organized since its inception, we do not know exactly who was the first person to devise a ball with which foot passes, but what we are sure is that several minds were perfecting it to become what it is today. Among those improvements that made to the sport, we go back to the years 1870/1880 where the networks of arches and penalties were invented, the same time where Everton FC was born in the city of Liverpool.

A church in 1870

For Everton FC fanatics who oppose religion, you should know that this English club was born of the brilliant idea of ​​a pastor named Ben Swift Chambers because the locals in addition to not attending church, occupied their minds in unprofitable matters and he considered that sport was a good strategy to get these people closer to God, but not through football but the cricket, except that the winter season did not favor cricket and decided to change it to football, success was unstoppable and from there the club began to bear fruit.


A decade later the club was more than consolidated, by those years the “Copas” already existed and Everton FC topped the lists of the victorious clubs by which different people united to found the English football league in 1888, there were many and as expected Everton FC began to have its main enemies with whom solved the issues on the court because they envied and imitated the club … that’s when Liverpool FC emerges to be the maximum enemy of Everton and until now it continues like this.


Century change is synonymous with giving the best of itself to win, that was precisely the thinking of Everton FC team, in those years the club won for the first time the FA Cup and other important events. Right at the height of sport, fame, victories, and joys … some of the graver episodes of human history began to take place: wars, football was something like the escape of men and although many they managed to take refuge in football, for most the story was another.

1960 until 2000

Everton FC began to generate great talents and to gain very good positions in the different competitions that had since those years the soccer became the best company of the world, but in the 70s the panorama changed totally (not by historical facts but because of bad performances on the court) and just as losses occurred in those years the 80 were full of glory and brilliance at Everton to give way to a decade (90) that did not end so badly and that allowed a new century to come where the story is still being written.

To say it in some lines is simple but everything is much more drastic than it seems, in honor of that do not forget to buy the tickets online and continue to support Everton FC.

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