Theo Hernández is the new signing of Real Madrid



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Real Madrid has signed a new defense

Although the galactic team has Marcelo in their favor, who is one of the best defenses in the world, now he has wanted to add another player in this category to strengthen his squad.

As everyone knows, like Barcelona, ​​the Madrid club has players of very high stature, but many of them are approaching their 30’s or are passing them, so the merengue directive must be very meticulous to get those who have the potential to be part of the team even though they are very young.

This is the case of the young man Theo Hernandez, who at the age of 19 is already part of Real Madrid and has a contract for 6 seasons.

The young Theo Hernández

Theo is a young Frenchman who plays as a side and this carries him in the veins, as his father also played as a defense for Atletico Madrid.

The youngster also began his career with Atletico in the lower categories in 2014, and for the past season the main team had signed a contract, but sent him as a loan to Deportivo Alavés, a club in which he stood attracting the eyes of the big clubs in Europe.

A difficult decision?

The young defender had Barcelona behind him, since from the leadership of the Camp Nou he had ensured that the youngster would be in the next few years one of the best in his area; but now Real Madrid was more than determined to bid for Theo and would not give up.

On the other hand, nobody suspected that Atletico Madrid dared to let it go, because not only is it valuable to help them win this new season, but it is a great investment since in a short time their signing will be among the most expensive and wanted from Europe.

But we must remember that Atletico had problems to sign or resist not to sell some football players last summer, thanks to its suspension.

A few weeks ago it was formally known that both clubs reached an agreement for Theo Hernandez: the merengue club would pay 26M euros for the French in three installments.

Florentino Perez was very optimistic with the arrival of Theo to his club and the player himself said he was very pleased to have signed with that club that considers the best in the world, as it was a great opportunity for him to grow and develop his career as a footballer.

For him it was not a difficult decision, he asserted that he was always very clear about playing for Real. As for Marcelo, he said that he wanted to learn from the defense and that he enjoyed his admiration.

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