Alexis Sánchez wants to leave Arsenal FC.


Alexis Sánchez is a Chilean striker who currently plays for Arsenal FC, popularly known as the “wonder boy” and is recognized for being one of the best Latin American footballers, Arsenal signed him in 2014 from FC Barcelona. If you want to see the live and direct play to Alexis, you can buy tickets online, visit the link at the end of the article.

Without a doubt, Arsenal does not regret buying this talented player who in recent seasons has become a figure and icon for both the London club and its fans. Sánchez is one of the most beloved players in English football, his speed, strength, and definition have shown that he is a striker of the world football elite.

Alexis Sánchez in the Arsenal:

Alexis Sánchez signed for Arsenal FC in July 2014 from FC Barcelona costing approximately 42 million euros, its sale was the second most expensive in the history of the Barca. He officially debuted in England on 10 August in the Community Shield against Manchester City playing the first half and winning 3-0 to get his first trophy with the Gunners.

From its debut until now Alexis became the reference in the attack of its equipment and is the main piece for Arsene Wenger in the last seasons, for many people the best season of Sánchez was the 2016-2017, season that aroused the interest of great equipment.

In 3 seasons with Arsenal FC, Alexis Sánchez has played 103 games in total, scoring 53 goals, winning 3 Community Shields and 2 FA Cups. He has also received awards such as the best Chilean player in Europe, the best player in the Premier League, it is even within the 11th historic ideal of the Wenger era and in the 11th Premier League ideal.

A possible destination for Alexis Sánchez:

According to online pages, Alexis Sánchez could be considering the option to go to play in Ligue 1 in the next markets of passes, the PSG is the club that according to rumors plans the signing of the Chilean to form a template of luxury with players like Cavani, Neymar, Di María, and company.

This rumor of transfer was strengthened after the former Barcelona and former Chilean teammates Neymar and Dani Alves called to try to convince the player by saying “Come to PSG”, an invitation in which Alexis might be interested.

In addition to the PSG, there are also other clubs such as Liverpool, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea, Juventus, Inter Milan, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and AS Monaco, who may be considering making an offer to Arsenal to take Alexis Sánchez.

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