Inter Milan wants Tottenham Hotspur player


That’s the way Inter Milan have looked back at a Tottenham Hotspur player, this time it’s Argentina’s Erik Lamela, who currently plays as an offensive midfielder in Tottenham, hoping the stadium stands to keep filling with fans that support when the go to buy tickets online to not miss a minute of game.

Inter Milan’s interest has given Lamela another chance to continue his football career, even after his injuries, which have limited his performance on the field.

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He started at an early age playing in the infantile teams of the River Plate of Argentina, from where the Barcelona tried to sign it for its rows, nevertheless the parents did not accept.

He played as a right midfielder for the River Plate, being one of the key players of the Argentine club for almost 2 years, when due to economic problems in the River, Lamela was transferred in 2011 to A. S. Roma.

From his start at A.Savi Roma in 2011, his career was on the rise, coming to be regarded as the next captain of the team by Totti the captain of Rome at that time. He managed to be a crucial player even when Roma failed to qualify for the Europa Champions League.

For the year 2013 he is signed by his current sports team Tottenham Hotspur, where he has played important campaigns scoring goals and using techniques of game that has brought good moments to the team.


Lamela, after the defeat last October against Liverpool, is injured in a Tottenham practice, so he had to undergo a hip operation a few months ago; this injury removed mobility in his body preventing him from playing the playing field since then, which made him miss the current game season and an important campaign.

His recovery is still under medical observation, even though everything looks to improve for the next season of European football.


Last May Tottenham Hotspur put a price on the player, hovering around 11 million euros, making him a difficult player to buy, especially after his injury, so the signing by Inter Milan is also a rumor in something difficult to perform, at least while the Argentine player recovers.

In other words, Lamela is a player of great potential for Inter Milan remain concerned about his recovery and continue negotiating his transfer, where he will try to convince the player with a good contract to have him in their ranks.


Now everything will depend on the recovery of Lamela and his decision to accept or not his transfer to Inter Milan, who seek to be with the player to complement his team and have people buy their tickets online to see the club in its field of play.

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