Borussia Dortmund is interested in Iñaki Williams


Williams, a front-runner for Athletic Club, has managed to get the attention of Borussia Dortmund, while several European teams like Liverpool or Inter Milan, all want it in their Sports Club.

This is how a young man like Iñaki, is becoming one of the favorites of the great soccer fans; everyone wants to see him play, especially the fans football that always wants to go to the stadium, and prefer to buy tickets online to witness their speed, technique, and goals.

His story

Iñaki Williams is the son of Felix Williams and Maria Arthur, both Liberians, who fled to Ghana in the Civil War in Liberia and later moved to Bilboa, where Iñaki was born on June 15, 1994. His name comes from a priest who they knew their parents called Iñaki Mardones. Williams has a younger brother named Nicholas.

Professional Path

Iñaki, began his football career in 2008 when he started playing at the Deportivo Pamplona Club, being later signed by Athletic Club after making his sports debut, belonging to this club since 2015 occupying the club’s jersey 11 Spanish.

It plays very well its position as Forwarding, attracts the attention of the fan base for its great speed in the field of soccer, besides being a good scorer. In his career at Athletic Club, has scored 24 goals, giving the victory in more than one opportunity, this important Spanish club.

Characterized by being the first colored player to score a goal for Athletic Club in its history, it has captured the attention of several sports technicians in Europe. Being one of the first to follow him Sports Technician Klopp, who being for 2015 in Borussia Dortmund, followed Williams from the beginning of his professional career in football.

After playing for the Spanish National Team in the Under-21, he is called to take the jersey of Spain’s Primera División since last year, becoming the official national player, although he is mostly in the standings, he made his debut in the friendly Spain vs. Bosnia in 2016.

At present, this great player, with only 23 years, is under the eyes of several European Clubs. Many want to sign him, although he is still playing for Athletic Club, finally yet importantly, he does not have enough liquidity to keep him. Touches wait for the highest bidder, as well as the decision of Williams, to know which team will play.

However, highlights the infatuation that has Borussia Dortmund for the Forward, the Club is determined to sign the player, because he knows the talent of Iñaki, his speed, technique, goals, and fans; Borussia is very clear that with this player, you will win, which will bring to this German Club a greater fanfare and better results.

To the expectation

Now only the decision of Williams is expected, as Borussia Dortmund continues his efforts to sign him, and delight his fans with this talented player, everyone can buy tickets online, to see it in action from the stands of the stadium.

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