German Super Cup, Bayern Munich vs Borussia Dortmund


The German Super Cup was developed normally, coming to face in the final the clubs Bayern Munich vs Borussia Dortmund on August 5, fans could buy their tickets online lived the talent of both teams to have a very tight game giving the necessary season so that everyone will enjoy this good match.

In the end the result of the expected encounter was on penalties, giving the victory to Bayern Munich with a 5 to 4, after to have equaled 2 to 2 in the time of game.

The Match

The game began at Borussia Dortmund’s Signal Iduna Park, where the Aurinegro team initially kept control of the ball, where in the 11th minute Dortmund scored the first goal of the match, thanks to the American Christian Pulisic.

Bayern Munich’s counterattack began to show their strength by equalizing the score in the 18th minute of the game, with Robert Lewandowski’s goal, encouraging both teams to give everything on the field to the end.

In the second half, for the 70th minute the home team Dortmund scores their second goal through Aubameyang; so that later the team Bávaro again equaled the game in the 87th minute with the Kimmich goal when charging a foul.

The game ends with the start of the penalties, where it was necessary 6 penalties of each team, managing to win the Super Cup Bayern Munich, after the Bavarian goalkeeper stopped the ball to Bartra, who fails to finish the game, leaving the Borussia Dortmund in 4 goals to 5 of Bayern Munich.

Field Control

The final encounter of the Super Cup, was with swings of both teams, on the one hand the attack tactic with which Borussia began Dortmund kept Bayern Munich under control, who after taking advantage of the positions of Aurinegro manages to overcome the control of the ball with the risk of playing forward position.

This generated a very balanced game, where both teams maintained control of the field of play and the ball in almost equal parts, much of the game, forcing both German teams to unravel the game on penalties.

Sokratis’s move was hampered by Lewandowski’s pass, frustrating one of the Bavarian team’s attempts, leaving the way open for Aubameyang to score a short two-goal lead.

It was a high level of play, where competitiveness was the order of the day, Ulreich did his job well as goalkeeper, leading to the victory of his team at the end, with the shortcut of the ball on the last penalty of Dortmund.

End of the match

At the end of the game, all those who were able to buy tickets online witnessed the tie that Ulreich made when he hit the ball from Bartra, who played Borussia Dortmund on the penalty kick, giving the German Super Cup victory to Bayern Munich, leaving the final score in a 5-4.

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