AS Monaco vs PSG, Supercopa de Francia


The Supercopa takes a little more of the month developing and the truth is that it enchants to us like fanatics. The PSG could not open in a better way than with that score 2-1 against AS Monaco match which we will talk a bit because it is this kind of things that encourage us to buy tickets online and not let us convince for anything in the world of losing our parties. There is a lot of talent, a lot of dedication, passion, and encouragement in this new season so let’s see how this meeting went:

First time

The first 20 minutes were quite calm, both clubs were looking to try to make the marker change but it was not until the 30th minute that the PSG made a masterful goal. AS Monaco looked to have control but then the PSG steals the ball and starts to head to the other side of the court, Fabinho makes a short pass to Radamel Falcao who in turn kicks to the right, Sidibé was more than positioned ready to make the goal … the goalkeeper comes out a little to catch but the ball jumps over his head and there the banks screamed GOL! A defender of AS Monaco also tried to stop that ball but he did it when he was inside the net, very good goal.

Second time

With the emotion much higher up the AS Monaco went with everything to score the second, but out there in the 50th minute it was Dani Alves to make a free kick (which was very difficult in addition, by the distance) who with his eagle eyes were not mistaken when throwing a right that went directly to the left angle of the goal. If we compare the attitude of the goalkeepers we would not know which of the two was more surprised by the goals made, what we do know is that those who chose to buy tickets online and attended this game we really enjoyed.

Adrien Rabiot with a terrible head but made the jump, not without before Dani Alves was the protagonist again in this match. On the right side, Souahilo Meïté seized the ball with an impressive speed, the delivery to Dani Alves who seemed to lose it at the finish line … sublimely gives the attendance to Rabiot who also was not wrong to make the second goal of the match in the 63rd minute.

What’s missing

The following minutes were a lot of pressure for the PSG but unfortunately they could not win, the saddest thing is that the season was just beginning and there is no greater illusion for a club to win the victory in the beginning of a Super Cup. Of course, there are still opportunities, which certainly have to take full advantage of the investments they have made are quite heavy. In contrast, our investments are very small and just make us enjoy (buy tickets online), do not miss the next meeting.

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