Possible exit of Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid


Rumored an exit of Cristiano Ronaldo after certain controversies, the same has made clear that it has thought to leave Real Madrid. The team allegedly issued a statement that made the Portuguese want to leave the club. The meringue team is one of the highest grossing in history and currently the spectators attend to buy their tickets online.

Why the doubts about the departure of Portuguese?

Many teams allegedly offered for Cristiano Ronaldo after learning the internal problems that occur within Real Madrid, it is said that PSG, Monaco and Manchester United have offered an impressive amount of money for Cristiano.

To be serious, many sources say that he will decide to go to the PSG, despite what happened on the legal situation and his concern about this, the Portuguese has not ceased to amaze their fans in their social networks, the same ones that attend their games when buying tickets online.

For now, the Portuguese was dedicated to the cup confederations and currently his two little ones born in June, which was a surprise for everyone. In a few days, we will know what will happen to the Portuguese player with one of the highest fortunes.

What are the rumors about Cristiano Ronaldo?

It is said that everything is due to the legal problems he has and he has not received the support from the club, which causes him great discomfort and not only him but his fans to be true his leaving the team. The social networks explode before so many rumors that are said, for now, it is expected and know the decision and also continue attending the parties where the Portuguese dispute when buying tickets online.

The situation of the Portuguese is delicate before the law, so he has preferred to remain silent about the decisions he has taken with this matter, otherwise, his life has been normal in recent days, without many scandals with this matter.

Uncertain future of CR7

It remains to know the future of the player, Real Madrid has not said anything about this and even finished the season, magnificent for the team indeed since they got again the trophy of the UEFA Champions League and were crowned for the twelfth time. One of the highest-grossing teams during the season, thousands of people attended when they bought their tickets online.

Several years have been rumored the departure of the Portuguese team Meringues because he has always had his problems with the directive, but the problems have never passed and continue to give joy to the team, is ranked as the best of the players of Real Madrid.

In recent days rumors continue to grow over this, however, Cristiano Ronaldo remains silent without giving any statement on this. Real Madrid to be true this, would lose a great star in the field that has been responsible for many victories and in addition to attracting thousands of fans to their games that assist when buying their tickets online.

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