The best Chelsea numbers in the Premier League


Chelsea is the winner of the premier league this year, and their numbers were pretty good, during the games they saw thousands of spectators who attended the games when buying their tickets online.

Brilliant season for Chelsea

Chelsea won their sixth premier league and finished the season in the best way Antonio Conte’s current coach, the numbers this season were great as Chelsea came out very well during this season, thousands of people were present in matches when you buy your tickets online.

Top Scorers

The top scorers were Diego Costa with 20 goals in the premier league, then Hazard with 16 goals and after them, Pedro with 12 goals, who did a great job this season, and also were other players who also scored several goals and made it succeed once again to Chelsea.

Many fans attended the premier league games by buying their tickets online to support their favorite team, Chelsea has millions of fans worldwide and many always go to parties to see them in action during the season.

It is also necessary to give credit to the goalkeeper who made the numbers of Chelsea were better this season, was in charge of attacking many many and to achieve the victories of the team, Thibaut Courtois was a great element this season.

Chelsea Numbers

It was the third team less thrashing in this season in the premier league, besides that their numbers were quite good as they had 28 wins, 3 ties, 5 losses, they made 76 goals and they scored 29 against. They were the team more scorer of the premier league.

Millions of fans worldwide support this English team and thousands of people attend their matches when buying their tickets online, Chelsea is one of the most successful teams in European football so always in their games the stands are full of fanatics

The team of Antonio Conte showed off this season in the premier league, had quite strong rivals during the games, but did not bend and with the style of the game taught by the technician managed to beat all the teams and reach the grand final and win the cup.

Well deserved was the triumph of the blue team, who once again shone and won the premier league twice in three years, Chelsea enjoyed the best chances during the final match, also took possession of the ball throughout the match and result was great.

Chelsea are a team that receives millions of fans in their stadium as they attend to watch the games when buying their tickets online to support them, and to see up close to triumph their favorite team, well deserved has the triumph this season for the work they did the players along with his coach, who demonstrated once again that they are champions.

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