Atletico Madrid Rescues A Point In The First League Matchday


Already started one of the strongest and most important leagues in Europe: the Santander League of Spain. It began on August 18 of this year and so far have played games for the second day, still have to go a long way and fight for the first rungs of the table.

Atletico De Madrid Leads A Point To Girona That Just Ascended To First

Atletico Madrid has rescued a point in their visit to Girona, faced the newly promoted club but the mattress started losing in the first half with two goals from the Uruguayan Christian Stuani. It was a very loaded game, in the second half they lost to Griezmann by double reprimand, but that did not stop Atletico from trailing in the last minutes and evening the results.

The fans of Atletico Madrid long before the previous of this exciting match entered the web to buy the tickets online, and thus to be able to accompany their team mattress to 1 match that was disputed like local in the stadium of the Girona, showing the support as always does the fan base of Atletico.

Summary Of The Match Events Between Atletico De Madrid and Girona

In the course of the first minutes the Girona disturbed the goal of Atletico based on distant shots, from that moment, Girona took advantage of the occasion and opened the scoring with a header, three minutes later another stopped ball that finished in a shot of the head of Stuani. In response Atletico, the following minutes did not have dangerous arrivals, and a first shot in the 34th minute by Carrasco was deflected.

The Athletic Impotence by Griezmann’s Admonition

The second half started with strong local pressure on Atletico, Griezmann was the only one able to put in trouble to the local defense. The impotence was reflected and Griezmann was warned to simulate according to Munuera a fall within the area, then showed the red for protest and however after the expulsion, Atletico scored a goal that defined Correa after a solo play.

Atletico De Madrid Could Rebind To The End Of The Match

Then at the end of the match appeared the Uruguayan Giménez, who headed a Koke center, and thus equalized the score in the absence of five minutes. In the final moments to finish the match, the Girona attacked with forcefulness, at the time of discount Oblak was erected hero after making a great stop to Granelli, and in this way, Atlético brings a point to Girona as a visitor.

There were many fans of Atletico Madrid who did not attend the headquarters of Girona for this great meeting, however, it was no excuse because it is very easy to buy tickets online, missed a few minutes of the game really good Santander.

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