Curiosities in the history of the Champions League.


Even in the higher level competitions of football like the Champions League they do not escape of those rare details that become curiosities, of which, we will give to know some of the next.

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In countdown, we will give next a top 5 of the most significant curiosities in the history of the Champions League.

In the fifth position, we find: Gabriel Fernandez player with more kilometers (2016)

Gabriel Fernandez, midfielder and captain of Atletico Madrid, was the player with more kilometers covered in that edition of the Champions League, with 134,958 distributed among twelve parties, with an average of one kilometer every eight minutes of play. His teammates Griezmann, with 128, 554 and Koke with 126,678, complete the top three positions in that regard.

In the fourth box is: Puskas, the top scorer; Maldini, the fastest

The Hungarian player Ferenc Puskas has maintained since 1960 the record of goals in the final of the European Cup with four goals. Di Stefano made three in that final while Italian Paolo Maldini was the fastest scorer in the decisive game of the Champions League, 51 seconds into Milan in 2005.

In third place is: Cristiano Ronaldo, 15 goals in 24 games against Atletico

Portuguese Real Madrid striker Ronaldo has scored fifteen goals in his 24 games against Atletico Madrid with a triplet included in a 1-4 in the League on April 11, 2012. Although he has not beaten the red and white goal in none of his last five clashes against the opponent.

In the second place: Finals between teams from the same country

The 3-0 of Real Madrid to Valencia both Spanish teams (2000). The 0-0 between Milan and Juventus, Italian teams (2003) with victory “rossonero” in penalties. The 1-1 between Manchester United and the whole of Chelsea, English teams, with the victory of the “red devils” in the batch (2008). Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid Spanish duel (2014) in Lisbon, which was 4-1 with Real Madrid victory.

In the first place: Spain the country with more Titles

The ten (10) European Cups of Real Madrid and the five (5) of Barcelona FC add fifteen (15) titles of this competition that add to the winnings in titles to Spain, becoming the country with more trophies of the maximum European tournament of the history. The other country that follows is England with 15 trophies in its showcases, followed by the country Italy which also has 12 palmares in its assets. It follows the powerful Germany that with their tactical soccer have achieved 7 European Cups, comes later the country of Holland that have added 4 trophies in the maximum category.

Portugal has 2 cups in its showcases, France has 1 single Cup, Romania equal 1, Scotland with only one trophy and Yugoslavia with 1. This completes the list of champions by countries of the Champions League

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