Draw 1-1 Between Liverpool Vs Newcastle.


Newcastle United will host Liverpool at St James Park in a Premier League game 7, Newcastle will take advantage of their status as a local to take advantage and add points to the table, while Liverpool will seek to impose its position and retrieve points you need to advance.

Party Incidents

Newcastle began attacking during the first minutes to the opposite field generating dangerous attempts at goal several times, while Liverpool remained in defense and returned the attack, until in the 29th minute Philippe Coutinho opened the scoring with a strong shot that hits the second stick and enters the net, that way it goes up Liverpool.

The Newcastle United Draw Goal

The goal scored by Couthino seemed to give Liverpool the lead, but minutes later after strong pressure from Newcastle and deep passes, Joselu opened the scoring for his team in the 36th after a great pass from Shelvey, and so equalized results against Liverpool by 1-1, during the remaining minutes continued to attack the home team until the end of the first half.

With the start of the second half Liverpool pressed the local team generating dangers with some clear arrivals, while Newcastle insisted on attacks and kept defending and closing spaces for the visitors, so it was for many minutes of the second part until the arrival end of the match and the game finished 1-1 at St James Park, this result certainly favors Liverpool more.

Liverpool Fans

A great game without a doubt the one that lived in the house of Newcastle, reason why the huge fan base of Liverpool, was prepared previously for this party entering in the online stores that they had all been available to buy the tickets and of this way to visit Newcastle in a match of the number seven live the great experiences to accompany his Liverpool team and give him his full support.

How Newcastle Comes For This Match

The whole of Newcastle has had a good start to the season considering that its primary objective will be to save itself from the decline, to date they have played six games, so they have managed to add 3 victories and have fallen in an equal number of commitments, magpies come from losing their streak of 3 consecutive wins in the last day.

How Liverpool Come For This Match

Meanwhile, Liverpool has started the tournament well, in six disputed dates they have won 3 wins, 2 draws and only have been defeated on one occasion, in the last day disputed got a good victory against the Leicester City 3- 2.

The great majority of the fan of Liverpool was able to enjoy this excellent game against Newcastle in ST James Park through the online transmission, which saw it live and direct and that way many fans did not stop missing any detail of the game

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