Great humiliation gave Chelsea to FK Qarabag 6 – 0 in the Champions League 2017


The team FK Qarabag came across a Chelsea who is inspired and wants to crown the Champions League Cup. The English team returned to the maximum continental competition and did it with victory to thrash, as it gave the opponent 6 goals to 0 humiliating them in a masterful way.

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The game that Chelsea had was a meeting based on goals against opponents like the Qarabag for what was their first match in the history of the group stage of the Champions League. In to mention that to the five minutes of having begun the game arrived the first goal on the part of Pedro, after passing to the front that hit first to sneak into the squad of the Azerbaijani box.

It is to emphasize that from here, those led by Conte were not allowed to play with candela and were to close the match as soon as possible. Then after 12 minutes they called a penalty for a takedown on center Christensen.

After these actions to the 17 minute triangulation in which Batshuayi struck her rasa stuck to the post and the goalkeeper was shot perfect. Through the passing of time in the game Chelsea took over the libretto completely. Zappacosta scored the goal of the night in half an hour. The player picked up the ball in his field, with a pass from Courtois, switched on the spark plugs, left the band from all rivals that came out and hit it from about 25 meters when the goalkeeper was waiting for a center.

For his part the Azari team was not seen on court until after the minute 30. In a shot of Henrique from the front that had Courtois without problems. This action was the only action worth mentioning as such for visitors. After the resumption he left the same tactic. An English opponent overshadowed by Chelsea. Fábrega concrete in the 56th minute of the match, for that then was made 3 goals to zero of the Qarabag. The action was center with the outside of the foot, from the peak of the area where the player Navarro nodded to the nets.

After a game where only dazzled Chelsea, the fourth goal would reach the 71 minutes. By means of one of the new signings. The action came after a corner kick with center from the side, poor clearance from the defense and Bakayoko launched the missile. He followed the game sharply for the dominance of the English team where then came two goals plus the fifth and sixth.

In the match these last two goals were for Batshuayi’s work to continue with the overwhelming thrashing that Chelsea club gave the Qarabag. It is to mention that the first one got to be goal after the shot from the front. Then the second would come, after a play by a Zappacosta, where he stole the ball and left it to rewrite. Game where Chelsea defeated Qarabag to 6 goals to 0. Follow the Champion League when you buy your tickets online. Buy Chelsea tickets online here.


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