Mbappe finally ceded to PSG



A great conflict of summer is finished, already it is official that the French player belongs to the Paris Saint Germain, which arrives yielded to the Parisian club with an option to buy. Apparently, the PSG is determined to enter the Champions League this coming season.

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After a long week of negotiations finally PSG and Monaco have announced the operation of the French, finally, the young player will join the Uruguayan Cavani and Brazilian Neymar. It is to be mentioned that the team of France last Thursday made official the signing of the young French crack Kylian Mbappe, that comes from the Monaco, that will be yielded until the 30 of June of 2018.

In the Twitter account, the PSG made the announcement about 19:30 hours “Paris Saint Germain is pleased to announce the signing of Kylian Mbappe,” which shows a photograph of the striker in his new uniform.

It should be noted that the quantities in which the transfer has closed have not yet been provided, according to some information Mbappe will reach 180 million euros, which will automatically become the second most expensive transfer in history, a little below the 222 million that the PSG team itself canceled by Brazil’s Neymar.

For this negotiation to be clean, PSG has to comply with the rules of financial fair play, for this it would have opted for the transfer regime of the 2017-2018 season, to close its purchase in 2018-2019.

In fact, with the € 222 million invested by Neymar, it had left little room for maneuvering the PSG, which has to have a balanced balance between income and expenses so as not to get sanctions on the part of the UEFA.

Mbappe, who is considered one of the future promises of world football, scored 15 goals in the last tournament and six others in the Champions League, all in the qualifying phase, and has been four times international young Frenchman.

Mbappe addresses the public

The new PSG player said he chose to sign for the Paris team because of the ambitious project that they are in hand, “One of the most ambitious in Europe.” He also expressed that “I was seduced the project of the club, for this reason, I decided to leave the Monaco to PSG, now with my new colleagues I hope to continue my progression helping the team to achieve the great objectives that have been established.” The 18-year-old forward said.

“For every young man in Paris, it is normally a dream to get into the red and blue colors and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Prince’s Park,” said the French striker from Bondy, a town on the outskirts of Paris.

Everything seems to indicate that the PSG wants to make a kind of “dream team” or dream team for which they want to conquer Europe completely.

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