Match Arsenal vs Red Star, Nov 2



The fourth day of the group stage had its beginning, development and final stage on 2 November at the Emirates in London. The European League continues to advance without any setback and that is why today we will talk about one of those matches, specifically that of Arsenal FC and Red Star.

The game was not one of the best that Arsenal FC has had in this event, this was very important for the club not to climb in the standings but a position “5” is not so bad, at least there are indications that the club wants to climb and more than that that wants to please all the fans who have decided to buy tickets online once more.

Arsenal FC 0 – 0 Red Star

Yes, the numbers are not at all flashy. Both clubs for their part should have scored two or three goals to win points, and not that they did not want to do it, only that was not the day to change the score. Both teams had an offensive enough accentuated, the first minutes were exciting because the clubs went up and down the court generating the idea that at any time came the shot, but that never happened.

New strategy

It seemed that Arsene Wenger was trying a new strategy in that game. Wenger put quite new players to do the work that the classics always do, and that really did not have to be a problem, it is supposed to be professional football and that in addition to making the offensive structure well they should score at least one goal, what we have not mentioned are the good plays that were blocked by the Red Star.

Let’s see:

In the 10th minute the forward Olivier Giroud from Arsenal FC made the first attempt assisted by Maitland Niles, that goal could have been impressive but the Red Star goalkeeper was very attentive, he knew that if his club did not score a goal he could not lower the goal guard.

The counter-offensive was even better for the second goal opportunity in the hands of Estrella Roja, a header by Vujadin Savić that left the fans, the technical team and those on the bench with a look of surprise and disenchantment, terrible for Estrella Roja but wonderful for the Arsenal FC because of that impressive blocking of Petr Čech, they were underestimating but in this match he showed that he has talent as well as David Ospina (a point in favor for the fans who chose to buy tickets online).

One more opportunity came for Red Star, but on that occasion he failed the aim to all the actors or in other words to Slavoljub Srnic and Richmond Boakye, that failure even caused them a smile but not the kind of happiness but rather that laughter nervous that arises when something is not reached.

Finally in the 64th minute Maitland Niles made the last attempt for Arsenal FC, this time assisted by Xhaka but was immediately blocked by the number 4 of Red Star, a defensive play also surprising.


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