Leroy Sané, the unexpected piece in the Manchester City attack



“Leroy Sané is a great talent and I must congratulate Germany for having such a player.” These were the words pronounced Pep Guardiola last year, in the preview of Schalke 04 – Bayern Munich that took place in the month of November.

Those words of Pep Guardiola were never so current at that time, after the fate of both, technical director and player were to join in the season that was made in Manchester City.

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The arrival of Leroy Sané to Manchester City was the first that comes directly endorsed by Pep Guardiola.

Leroy Sané came to Manchester City as a young promise that was expected to become one of those players who transcend and mark their way through the Premier League and Champions League.

At the start of Leroy Sané expectations suffered a considerable setback that perhaps could be justified by the impatience or the desire to demonstrate good football from the beginning for the quality of his signing.

However, Leroy Sané never falters and was consolidated little by little as a good tool in the plans of Pep Guardiola in Manchester City.

The German extreme has stood out for two very specific virtues, its speed and its capacity to make good matches and go adding numbers; the first does not need explanation, Sané is a bullet both looking for space and walking the field with the ball.

In turn, in the second feature mentioned above, it is only a matter of adding. In his first season in the elite, he added a total of 8 goals and 6 assists in Germany.

Leroy Sané, already with Manchester City has added a total of 22 games, which are divided as follows: 3 matches in the International Champions Cup, 2 friendlies, 2 matches in the League Cup, where he scored 2 goals, 4 Champions League matches, which have not yet added goals and in the Premier League, already has 6 goals in 11 games, adding up to now 675 minutes.

The main novelty of Leroy Sané lies in his tactical conception of football, Sané is one of the players who most easily interpret Guardiola’s game model.

Little is managing the concept of getting away from the ball to receive in better conditions, as does Leroy Sané, and his ease in creating triangles with or without a ball have led Pep to even try him as a left back.

Since the appearance of Sané in the Bundesliga, he excelled in games full of transitions and very high rhythms, all this was due to his speed and intuition to always stand out easily.

But this season he is seeing a fineness in driving and even for the pass that is emphasizing his contribution in the positional attack phase. All this on the far left, Sané’s natural foot, where in theory his determination is less visible.

The Manchester City of the hand of Leroy Sané, is achieving an excellent season, do not stop following the emotions in each game, do not forget to buy your tickets Online.


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