The keys to the losing streak in the league for Real Madrid



Every time something abnormal happens we have to sit down to think, even when it comes to football, that’s why today we have to talk about what Real Madrid is experiencing, a team that always shows itself as “The fearsome” and not the “Afraid”. that always has amazing bookmarks, or the one that is always at the top of the standings proud of their fans that whenever they can support them when buying online tickets to attend each meeting … Is it all as it seems? or just need to flip the coin?

Without recognition, there is no solution

The first key to the slump is that the famous technical director Zidane of Real Madrid and important players like Cristiano Ronaldo have already given statements of what happens and according to them: there is no crisis, Real Madrid does not go through a bad time, all normal paint and the results that are gathering what do they mean then? The first thing that Real Madrid must do in this case is accept that something is not right, identify it and apply a drastic measure as if it were a lethal virus.

There is no denying that Real Madrid has given statements, but it is not what deserves the fans who almost always choose to buy tickets online. If we look closely, no team that does badly likes to accept their reality in front of others, perhaps they in their internal work if they are recognizing the mistakes they have but it could be much more pleasant than they did thinking about their fans, and that It translates into giving an answer to the world why they are doing so.

Blame it all

Another key to the slump for Real Madrid is that they are blaming only one player, and “strangely” he has to face Cristiano Ronaldo once again. It is assumed that in these situations who should take the blame is the team captain Sergio Ramos, he should ask each player on the team what he thinks and then take that information to the world, but who knows if for reasons of publicity that once more Cristiano Ronaldo has to say that it happens even when it does not belong to him, hopefully that will change soon.

The past is past

The Merengue club takes refuge in having two Champions League fresh out of the oven, but that does not make up for the years of losses, the vision should be “Win always win” and not what they are thinking now that it is “Everything is going well because we have many Champions League in our club” that really is not a thought that points to the solutions. As we said, what matters most is to please the fans who always choose to buy tickets online in one way or another, they and not the other clubs are those that deserve a response.


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